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Adobe Walls Studio is located in a century-old, Pueblo Revival hacienda in a bucolic section of old Abilene.  This monastic-like setting is where the artist in residence, Terry Browder paints and practices his creative alchemy.  He and his wife Laura, reside there as well and extend the grace gift of hospitality.  For many years the Browders have hosted both celebrities and just plain folks with their award-winning West Texas-style of welcome and are locally and nationally known as purveyors of innovative design and ambassadors of goodwill for Abilene.

Ecclesiastical / Neoteric Icons

Each Painting Tells a Story

Terry Browder’s work centers around the abstractly visual retelling of stories, particularly related to the historic clash of cultures between the Quahadi Comanche tribe of Native Americans and the invading “Americanos”. These captivating stories occurred in this part of West Texas and the historic battle at Adobe Walls, one of the last Indian wars, inspired the name of the Adobe Walls Studio. Browder’s ancestral heritage regarding this land and his family’s experiences of this subject for many generations back encompasses much of what he paints and gives authenticity to his work.

The Process

My prayer as I begin this morning:

“pour through me the gift of painting…”

The paintings are Acrylic on historic documents glued to canvas. These 120 year old documents are hand written, duplicate abstract records from Parker County, Texas, which was named after Isaac Parker, the half breed chief’s white captive mother’s uncle. These deeds conveyed lands once controlled by the Comanches, thus I have incorporated a relic of the event depicted into the artwork giving it an added layer of meaning and symbolism.

The Process

Comanche Culture Paintings+

The images on this website are photos of original works of art by southwestern artist Terry Browder, based in Abilene, Texas.

These original southwestern paintings are large-scale wall art that depicts the Comanche people and especially Chief Quanna Parker.

Terry has a connection to the Comanche people and their culture that goes back to his childhood. See the About Us page for more information, and a look at the truly unique technique of embedding historical media in the painting itself. 

Most of these beautiful original paintings are for sale. The sold paintings are clearly marked as such. They are included to give you the flavor of Terry’s body of work.

Our “Shop” page could be considered an online Art Gallery of Terry’s most recent Comanche Indian Paintings (both sold and unsold).

To view the unsold (available) paintings only, click or tap on the “unsold” menu item on that “Shop” page.

When you select one of the painting images on the “Shop” page you will be able to read the “backstory” of each painting.